About Sonos Localia

Sonos Localia is a new digital label, distributing original recordings of electroacoustic music, sound art, and experimental audio work.

Sonos Localia is Latin for spatial sound. We specialise in recording and distributing work created specifically to be heard in three-dimensional space.

Our first release Louspeaker Music for Headphones, Volume One features 13 electroacoustic pieces which have been replayed live through a circular eight-channel loudspeaker array.

Loudspeaker Music for Headphones, Volume One Loudespeaker ArrayUsing a recording technique based around dummy-head microphones placed in the prime location at the centre of the array we capture the full width, depth, movement and subtle localisation in the music.

Listening to our recordings on stereo headphones, the full spatiality of the original work can be experienced as intended by the composer – normally only possible by attending a live performance and sitting at the centre of the auditorium.

By recording as much spatial detail as possible, Sonos Localia brings the experience of attending a live loudspeaker concert to a much wider audience.

Sonos Localia is also a platform for promoting innovative work by composers and sound artists. Future releases will include spatial electroacoustic music by established composers and students, plus radiophonic, drama and other innovative sound work.

Sonos Localia is a not-for-profit enterprise started with funding from the University of Greenwich, London, UK. All income after operating costs is distributed equitably to composers and artists.

For more information and press enquiries, please contact info@sonoslocalia.com.


Thanks to Canmei Tao and University of Greenwich Research and Enterprise for project development support.
Website production: Roxana Pomplun (BA Media and Communications student)
Logo design and cover art: Agnese Pulvirenti (BA Graphic and Digital Design student)
Technical support: Geoffrey Widdowson
Concept, recording and executive production: Ian Thompson