James Andean

James Andean is a musician and sound artist, active as both a composer and a performer in a range of fields, including electroacoustic music, improvisation, sound art, and audiovisuals.

He is a founding member of several groups and ensembles, including Rank Ensemble, LOS duo, and VCA.

He has performed throughout Europe and North America, and his works have been presented around the world. He is Senior Lecturer at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre of De Montfort University.

Visa Kuoppala is a Finnish composer, improviser and field recordist. He is particularly active in the areas of acousmatic composition and electroacoustic improvisation, where he is fascinated with the poetic, emotional and atmospheric qualities of enigmatic or ambiguous sounds.


Sonos Localia recordings

Ainnurruvar II, 2013
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Pimeydestä Valoon, with Visa Kuoppala 2011
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Appears on:
Loudspeaker Music for Headphones, Volume One